All you want to know about the facebook game stardoll. Tips, player guide and even stardoll dress up.

stardoll - All you want to know about the facebook game stardoll. Tips, player guide and even stardoll dress up.



The online world has a plethora of online games. Ever since the birth of the social networks the online gamers have discovered a whole new gaming world. The online games are available on the social network. These games have captured a wider section of the society. Every gamer has their desired genre of online game. Unlike few years back the girls too are getting passionate about these online games.

In recent time one such game has caught the attention of young ladies willing to give shape to their dreams.Stardoll is all about clothing and fashon.These are the key area of the game. The gamer enjoys the opportunity to choose the eye color, hair style, hair color, style, dress and even the skin tone. Apart from that the game provides the player the opportunity to build their own home, go for shopping etc. In a nutshell the activities of Star doll reflects the passion of every grown up ladies.


The star doll is a popular online game designed for young girls between 7 and 17 years of age. The plot revolves around the paper dolls whose interchangeable clothing and hairs are made out of paper. The Paper doll Heaven popularly later became famous  as Star doll was launched in the year 2004.Within a short period of time the game started receiving overwhelming response and it was a matter of time when it started funds were showered by  numerous fundraiser

Thus after two years the site re-launched the game with a new name – Star. After receiving awesome responses from players across the globe the game was translated in various other languages.

Since Star doll is an online game therefore there is no need to download the file and save the same in hard drive. However the PC or laptop you are using should have the Adobe Flash player.

This online game has gained immense popularity among the young girls. It not only triggers the grey cells with creative ideas but also enhances the designing skill hidden in every girl. This game was specially preferred by those interested in social networking and fashion.

The quality of graphic is high and at certain instances it looked like real life characters .One of the key reason why Star doll is an eye candy for the fairer sex is the game does not involve any violence, smoking, Drinking or bloodshed.

Unlike the other flash games or online games Star doll do not generate any negative psychological affect on human brain. This is probably one  reason why parents are less worried when their kids go for Star doll. The game does not provide access to chartrooms to players below thirteen years of age. This is indeed a positive move made by the site.

Star doll provides absolute safety for immature brains as they do not allow kids below 13 have access to chatrooms.These guidelines prevents kids from  chartrooms that are filled with adult conversation ,innuendo, improper language etc.

Well, the bad thing about the game is, it overexposes the kid to the world of fashion. The gamer can dress up the doll according to her imagination. On the long run this tends to develop into sexualized design which she may imitate in real life. Moreover the game can turn the player into shopalchaholic

Finally this website is indeed a fun and provides absolute entertainment to its gamers. This is probably why this game has been singled out among the lot.

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